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20 Free And Just Plain Cool Apps Will Make Your Life App

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One that’s great to have around even if you don’t use it much. Evernote brings together your schedule, to-do lists, and notes in one seamless experience synced across all your devices. The app makes it easy to jot down ideas and tasks as they come to you as well as mobile cool apps attach multiple kinds of files to these notes including PDFs, sketches, photos, and more. You can use your camera to scan documents for your dashboard and share them across devices. Evernote promises to be a one-stop shop for your task and work organization needs.

You can narrow down jobs just to those you’re qualified for, get alerts for jobs you might like, and open your profile up to recruiters. You can keep tabs on and reconnect with old colleagues, friends, and classmates, as well. Have a bunch of clothes just sat around, not being worn? Poshmark is one of the best shopping apps around, and it allows you to sell your items simply by taking a photo. If you’re looking to shop, there are over 5,000 brands to pick from in a variety of sizes, and best of all, prices are up to 70% off the usual price. Pop it up on OfferUp and see if anyone in the local area is interested in it.

mobile cool apps

Sign up for the service and you get recommendations on everything from candles and headphones, to moisturizers and boots, based on your actual friends and families opinions on products. How about your best friend from high school that you lost touch with over the years? The Internet has made it incredibly easy to stay in touch with all the people you’ve formed meaningful connections with over the course of your lifetime.

There are other great cloud storage services, but Resilio Sync is excellent for people on a budget. Snapseed is one of my most-used mobile photography apps. This is a Google-owned app that lets you adjust your photos, apply filters, or edit the images quickly and easily. The app looks and feels like a premium app but it’s free. And there is a range of photo editing tools and options that will bring out the best in every image.

If you enjoy humorous takes on these topics, you will fall in love with xkcd. I first mentioned xkcd on our best cool websites list. And although they don’t make an official app, Easy xkcd ensures that you don’t miss it. It offers a clean reading environment and has the ability to download the comics offline.

There’s very little that you can’t buy or sell on eBay. The app is full-featured and much easier to use than the website. Bid on items, track your orders, and sell all of your unwanted stuff right here. Mint is our favorite money management website, but it also has a terrific app. Mint can keep track of multiple bank accounts or credit cards to help you stay on budget and out of the red. With science-based coaching as its backbone, Fabulous — Motivate Me!

Cooling Master : Phone Cooler Fast Cpu Cooler

The possibilities are almost endless and it’s fully compatible with almost every smart home platform on the planet. You don’t want to get caught out in the rain, so don’t. While there’s a glut of other weather apps out there, Dark Sky Weather is one of the best thanks to its hyperlocal weather information that tells you the weather, right down to the minute.

  • Whether you follow a lot of sports and different teams, or you only follow the WWE, Bleacher Report has the personalized setup for you.
  • You can keep tabs on and reconnect with old colleagues, friends, and classmates, as well.
  • Some other excellent options in the space include Todoist and Microsoft To-Do.
  • OfficeSuite Premium gets you the ability to work on password-protected files, 50GB of cloud storage, the ability to export PDFs to other formats, and more.

This app will help you extend the life of your phone. This is an excellent app that will not only allow you to quickly cool down the CPU of your smartphone. It will also allow you to save the battery and clean memory.

If you run out on milk or certain items that are must in your refrigerator, this app can alert you the exhausted item list and give you the option of ordering it online. This app can look over the entire history for your friend social feed to suggest the best gift idea for your friend based upon the content they posted. The application would be equipped with several charts that help the user manage their overall health- like weight, sugar, heart rate, blood pressure etc. User is also equipped with individual meal charts, lifestyle plans, nutrition plans as per their condition. It will also be integrated with chat facility that allows users to talk with the community as well as health professionals.

Regé-Jean Page has joined the cast of Calm’s Sleep Stories, and you can also listen to stories read by Mary Berry or Matthew McConaughey as well. Calm has a subscription cost for most of the features you might want to play with. The PlayStation app doesn’t allow you to control your console like the Xbox One app, but it still acts as your link back into your gaming world while you’re out-and-about.

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It also has the added bonus of removing the ads from the Pocket app. The best mobile apps increase customer engagement by solving a problem and offering a powerful UX. They also provide a personalized channel to connect with a business, along with quick, easy access to customer support. Offline viewing lets users download shows and movies so they can view them later on the metro or anywhere else they don’t get data service. We’re getting used to this by now, but it used to be that we could only stream content using a live connection. The “stories” feature first appeared on Instagram before it spread to Facebook, making it easy to capture videos and photos that would automatically disappear within 24-hours.

Hi Amandeep, These all apps very important for this generation. Everyone should download this apps in their smartphones. What makes some apps “stick” while others fade away into obscurity?

The app’s road knowledge is so keen that it can tell you which lane to be in while using turn-by-turn directions. And because this is Google, you can easily search for locations nearby. While true that this app is can’t be uninstalled, it’s still the best map app you’ll find.

mobile cool apps

It’s not just about dating either, and there’s a group chat feature for when you need to assemble your friends. You might assume Zoom is only good for work meetings, but you’d be wrong. While we’re all getting out more, it’s fair to say the phenomenon of video calls will be with us for quite a while longer. Of all the options available, Zoom is probably the most well-known and one of the easiest to use, too.

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Add people simply with just their phone number, and they can begin chatting without even needing to download the app. You can name your groups, set avatars, and also save your photos and videos within group chats to refer back to later. There’s even a desktop version, so you can keep on chatting without getting your phone out of your pocket. This app scans your smartphone and finds out about its condition.

You can cool down your smartphone to normal temperature with one click. Overheating is dangerous for the electrical system in the smartphone. You will see the quality of the work of the app within a few minutes after cooling. The app has been downloaded over 500 thousand times.

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With this app you are sure to drink the required amount every day. This app lets you enter your favoured scenery, time of the vacation, preferred activity, holiday budget and other variables to show you the top 10 places where you should spend your holidays. Everyone has a pop star fantasy, even if they are not much of a singer. With a karaoke app, the user can sing and use filters to sound like their singing idols.

There are a lot of reasons your phone can overheat that aren’t related to the outside high temperature, and several revolve around your battery. Do you have a bunch of apps running in the background? Many apps use a lot of battery, which can drain it quickly. Your phone’s internal temperature is based on the temperature of its environment.

Or more practical choices, like Esperanto and Klingon. There aren’t enough tutorials to cover all the app’s features. DreamLab supports cancer research by allowing your phone to help conduct the research. Perfect for astronomy buffs, the Stellarium Mobile Sky Map app helps you explore the night sky to learn about stars, constellations, and planets with a swipe and a tap.

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You can finally get rid of that nagging feeling that you’re forgetting something important by using this app. That time of year is almost upon us, and that means it’s time to start shopping. A good list is what you need to keep all of your shopping organized and to make sure you get something for everyone this festive period.

Why Should A Business Invest In Mobile App Development

GoodRx helps users compare prescription drug prices at different pharmacies and find coupons that can be used right from the app. The app can also alert you when a particular medication drops in price and let you know when you may be due for a refill. If you use Medisafe to manage your prescriptions, you already have savings help powered by GoodRx and don’t need to download a separate application. Medisafe helps you manage your medications and get reminders. Simply input your prescriptions and timings, and Medisafe will create a visual schedule complete with images of each pill and a list of potentially harmful interactions. It will then give you reminders throughout the day when it’s time to take a medication, let you know if a prescription is running low, and even alert a friend or family member of a missed dose.

If you’re anything like us, then you might have multiple packages headed to your house right now, and keeping track of them can be tough. That’s where AfterShip comes in as supremely useful. AfterShip can track packages from over 700 carriers across the world, giving you a real-time location , and everything can be easily managed with just tracking numbers.

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Essentially, it’s an app that does one thing but does it quite well. Once you’ve added an animation you can save the result to your phone’s gallery, ready for sharing. The payment gets you other things too, but those are the main things that make the purchase close to essential if you plan to use Pixtica. And that would be fine, except the app opts for a subscription fee (of $1.25/£1.25 for one month with discounts for six months or a year) rather than being available as a one-off purchase.

Many users simply skip this part and go ahead to sign the agreement. Sometimes, there are suspicious/unfair terms added which the user doesn’t necessarily agree on. An app that can scan the terms and conditions which will alert and protect the user of any dubious terms and conditions. An app that will receive grocery items you input and compare the prices of all items across different grocery stores near your area. The app can also show the user better deals for the items that they want to purchase. If you want to buy beef, the app will automatically show you stores where they have special discounts on that item.

Plain and simple, Voice Access lets you control practically every part of your phone-using experience simply by speaking. Once you fire up the system, you can tell your phone to go back, go home, or adjust more or less any element of your phone’s settings. You can ask it to long-press an item, scroll in any direction on an item, select or unselect text, and place your cursor anywhere you want. It can even handle text editing and let you get around apps and websites without ever lifting a single sticky finger. Many companies offer such applications and promise to improve the performance of your smartphone and reduce its temperature indicators by cleaning RAM and using load monitoring functions.

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