June 11, 2009 0

WolframAlpha … Epic Fail

By Deepak in Random, Web

Ok, so perhaps the title is a bit of a hyperbole, but WolframAlpha really does suck. Anticipating this of course they don’t call themselves a search engine, but rather a computational knowledge engine on the pretext that they don’t provide links but rather facts. Considering this I really expected them to at least provide the basic LIBOR values … Google, Bing and Yahoo can link me to it in the first three results … Wolfram; nada. But then I guess this is the best you can really expect from it … I guess they are entitled to be as crappy as they want to be, but the tipping point for me was its results for ‘what is Wolfram Alpha’ and ‘what is a computational knowledge engine’ that loop back to each other.

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