January 2, 2008 0

My first post

By Deepak in Random

Well after a few months of leaving this site idle, I’ve decided it’s finally time to get it off the ground. The real reason for the delay was that I wanted to build it entirely from scratch based entirely on REST and a front-end built with only PrototypeJS but sadly work and the post-work lethargy seem to impede the project. Though having made some strides on a Restlet based database that would be the backend, the AJAX side of it got very stagnant. Wordpress seemed the ideal alternative, however finding a theme I liked took its own time. With that down … I almost gave up and started writing my own CSS files which I hate … hate hate hate!!!! Why aren’t there more uncluttered themes? The last thing was ensuring I could still create services with servlets well restlets … mmmmm Java. Of course during the wonders of discovering how to use mod_jk, I did manage to break my Apache web server. A new years party, lots of chocolate and a few support emails later we traced the problem to a typo; modiles instead of modules in the conf file. Now however, http://www.parayanken.net/services/ is now the sample restlet application running in Tomcat but the request handled by Httpd. I hated having to enter the port in the URL. Yay me!!!

All that’s left is now pushing some of my other projects online. The first I think will be making my XML to JSON XSTL document available. Still have to finish it actually, though right now I’m happy to learn the new features in XSTL 2.0 and try and include them. For instance now, I’m using the message tag to add error messages … its so cool!!!  And then maybe a few services that use it, like post a document and get a JSON object though parsers would be faster with larger docs … but if you’re using such massive structures I don’t think efficiency is a concern ^_^.

Also XPath is awesome, I think I’m going to try more stuff using it; like a syntax checker dohicky that would have been so useful with the evil conf file. Well and also Ruby on Rails, cause it just seems so much more REST friendly. Meh … I guess this qualifies as a decent first entry. Hopefully the next one won’t be entirely babbling. Now off to browse some Penny Arcade archives. 

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